Leading a Law FirmLeading a Law Firm

Managing partner jobs don’t come with instruction manuals, and navigating the complexities of running a law firm requires a certain level of grit and leadership. This article explores key steps that firm leaders can take to improve their management style and effectiveness, especially in times of uncertainty. Learn more

As the legal industry continues to evolve, the role of a firm leader becomes increasingly important. The best way to keep a firm moving forward is to focus on building relationships with both clients and referral sources, which requires the entire team—both lawyers and support staff. Using effective communication and teamwork, this article offers a few key steps that firm leaders can take to make client relations a priority.

In the Courtroom and Beyond: The Art of Leading a Successful Law Firm

In this turbulent time, firm leaders need to be extra vigilant. To prepare for the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, firms must proactively address the needs of their clients. This article offers a few key steps that firm leadership can take to be proactive in this challenging time, including staying on top of the latest legal marketing and technology trends, implementing improved work processes and adopting alternative billing models.

A firm’s success is directly related to the people that work there. As a result, firm leaders should strive to hire people with both a strong work ethic and a larger vision of what they want their company to achieve. Holding regular “town hall” meetings can be an effective way to communicate firm goals, measure progress and ensure that the team is aligned behind common objectives.