Email Risk Analysis for Fraud Prevention

email risk analysis

Email risk analysis is a quick way to assess the quality of an email address for fraud prevention. This type of tool works quickly to gather all the information you need about a user in real time, and it can be integrated as part of an overall fraud prevention solution to strengthen your customer onboarding security.

The key is to gather as much data about an address as possible so that you can block fraudsters in the early stages of their attempt to phish, scam or hack your business. This will help to minimize churn and customer friction.

Some key factors to look out for include the following: Does the domain name look valid? Was the email address created on a free domain (like Gmail) or did it require phone verification? Does the email address have a good reputation or has it been on a blacklist?

Why Email Risk Analysis is Critical for Your Business: A Comprehensive Guide

Another thing to look out for is the age of the address. Freshly created email addresses tend to be more risky than those that have been in operation for a while.

If you have a large amount of data on your users, you can use batch file uploads to assess the big data in real time. This can speed up your approval process and optimize manual review, helping to increase accuracy in digital identity validation and transactional risk assessment.

Email risk analysis is a fast and accurate way to detect and block fraudsters at every stage of the customer lifecycle. This helps to reduce churn, improve customer satisfaction and ensures your brand stands out from the competition.

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