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Native Cigarettes Canada quality native cigarettes Canada has to offer. We pride ourselves on delivering only the best products to our customers, and by purchasing at Cig Cartel you are also helping to support local First Nations communities. We are confident you will enjoy our range of premium indigenous smokes, and we look forward to serving you.

On a road into the Six Nations reserve of Akwesasne in southern Ontario, there is line after line of fenced compound buildings with unmarked tobacco factory signs. The factories produce Mohawk Blend and Native brands that are sold in Indian communities across the US, Canada, and even the world. The manufacturers say they are perfectly legal, despite criticism by antismoking advocates and non-native politicians, as well as a lack of federal and provincial revenue.

Examining the Economic Impact of Native Cigarettes in Canada

Officials have documented that status Indians are permitted to purchase cigarettes on reserve without paying federal excise taxes and sales taxes, but these “tax-free” purchases are then illegally resold in on-reserve smoke shacks or to non-Aboriginal people off the reserves. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police report that smuggling tobacco off the reserves contributes $2 billion annually to criminal gangs.

The young entrepreneurs in the roadside smoke shacks shrug and say that Ottawa is really just concerned with the lost tax revenue. But the fact is that cigarette taxes are one of the most important factors determining smoking rates. And cutting them would bring to a halt the steady, decades-long decline in smoking prevalence that has occurred in Canada and other Western countries.

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